Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Internet!

We're in the midst of moving and as of like 5Am tomorrow we'll be disconnecting the computer... We were told that it will not be reconnected to the Internet until like July 5 or something like that. Yep. I'm having de ja vue as exactly a year ago I was going thru this same thing with having to wait to get it reconnected... So, I'll post again once we're back up and running to the World Wide Web and hopefully will be able to share photos of our new house and let you decide if I'm crazy or if the house really does resemble Jon and Kate Plus 8's original house! Not that I want to follow their path of having sextuplets and all nor ending in divorce... That's a whole other post! I must go help hubby with some final things around here before we can crash for the last time in this house!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I'm soooo excited to be getting out of here and out from under or horrid landlord! Lots of stories to share there once all is said and done... :-)

All that just to ask you to please bare with me for the next week until life becomes somewhat normal again. :-)

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's my THYROID!!!!

I do believe we finally have answers here!!!! It feels so wrong to be so excited about having an answer! So here are the numbers, tell me what ya think! For comparison, here's the previous numbers...

TSH - 5.780 (HOLY COW!)
T4 - 6.5
T3 - 7.4

Estrdoil - 39
FSH - 3.7
PTT - 29
Protein S - Waiting on
Natural Killer Cells - Normal
Lupus Profile - Negative
Factor V - Normal
Protein C - Normal
ANA - Waiting on
MTHFR - Waiting on

Based on that, and what little google'ing I've done on the rest of the results, Thyroid is the culprit! Oh, I so hope and pray that after the Endo appt August 27th I get some sort of normal cycle back and TTC will fall into place shortly there after!!!!!

So, anyone have any success stories of having Thyroid out of wack only to start meds and get pg shortly there after???? :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today's Excitement!

Today started out as usual. Well, mostly usual. I played with my nanny boys. Listened to them airing out their lungs. (Today, we had a teether and sleep deprived baby) After food and naps and all were happy we headed out to LabCorp for the long awaited blood profile. I don't know if that is the right name but it's working for me.

I signed in at 1:07pm.

Not another person in the office...

After spending time deciphering the writing on the order, the gal made a comment on "draining my blood". I knew it would be a lot of blood exiting my body. I just never realized exactly how much!

When she was finished getting all the viles she would need, I requested to take a photo to prove it to you all just how much it was! Yes, please, count.

13. 13 viles which would soon be full of my blood. The most I'd ever had before was like 4. 13 freaked me out, just a bit.

So we started. She was handing me the full viles to put back in the holder and would continue filling. Around the 9th vile, I felt light headed. My job as vile putter-backer was over. I was concentrating on breathing... I couldn't pass out as I had the babies with me!

When all was said and done she put cold washcloth on my forhead and neck. She fanned me. She gave me cold water to drink. She reminded me to continue breathing... And of course, she entertained the boys as they were starting to get impatient at this time. She was FANTASTIC!

We left the office at 2:22pm. Almost 1 1/2 hours! HOLY COW! I decided after going thru that, I was going to treat myself. We walked two bulidings over to Oberwise and had some nice ice cream.

The boys watched while I enjoyed. :-)

It was a Peanut Butter (Protein to give me energy of course!) and Chocolate Sundae bowl. YUM YUM!

So now the waiting begins... I was told the longest it should take is 2 weeks. But I did get a print out of all the tests and no, I did not request the ones that were additionally recommended (thank you for your thoughts) as I just got them today but boy am I glad I did as I don't know if I could have handed another few viles being taken from me!!!!!!

So here's where we stand right now... There's always availability for a "next time" for whatever labs that may have been missed (like the Fasting Insulin, Glucose, Testosterone, etc.)

Estradiol - Antinuclear Antibodies Direct - FSH, Serum - PTT, Activated - Thyroxine (T4) - Triiodothyronine (T3) - TSH - Lupus Profile - Natural Killer Cell Surface Ag - Factor V Activity - MTHFR - Protein C Antigen - Protein S Antigen

All these tests, if not for Insurance, would cost well over $2,000!!!!!! Thank God for Insurance!

Monday, June 22, 2009

So many emotions, only one shared.

I feel as though we may finally be getting somewhere... My period arrived yesterday, Thanks Provera! Today I called and the crap load of blood work is scheduled to be done on Wednesday! I was told Wednesday as one of the tests involves my blood being frozen and sent out and they did not want the weekend to get in the way. I don't remember which test this was... I was asked if anything I specificially wanted so I mentioned TSH, T3, and T4 again. I was also told, this is what I remember, is being tested for... Can you recommend anything else??????


Protein S
Lupus something or another (Auto immune disorders)

No fear. I did ask for a copy of all the results and will surely share everything once I have it! I was told they would call ASAP if anything came back abnormal, otherwise, they would contact me once all the results are back to go over everything at once.

Ice Ice Baby!

is this not the cutest thing ever? And so charles... His all time favorite song! Ha ha! Sound quality Isnt that great but the best you get for a call phone video. :-) so deal with it! and as a matter of fact yes- it does sit out all year long regardless that it is a snow man and i purchased it during the christmas season...

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Officially looney toones am I???

What does it mean if one sees faces in ones bread? Look closely... You can so see it too, right? :-) Last night while making dinner I noticed I had a smiley face smiling back at me. So I continued digging to see if it was a fluke or more. I found three faces in the remainder loaf of bread!!! Am I looney toones or what??? hahaha!!!

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Happy Father's Day! Someday.

Father's Day is another one of those days where I get sad that we do not have our baby here with us, yet. A day where I see that Charles is affected by these Empty Arms we have.

For you honey, 'A Look Into The Future'.
© Karyn Marcinowski

Someday, I’ll stand beside you, holding your hand, to let go of a life filled with love, and though you will be gone, I’ll always have the memories we’ve made together Daddy…

Someday, I’ll hold out my own child to you, and ask “Would you like to hold your grandchild, Daddy?” knowing that my children will forever be safe in your arms, just as I was in yours so long ago Daddy…

Someday, I’ll stand beside you, holding your hand, walking down the aisle to start my own life, my own family, with a man I love almost as much as I love you Daddy…

Someday, I’ll hold out my hand, and say “Daddy, please?” as I ask for the keys, to start my journey, to start a career, but I won’t forget to call Daddy…

Someday, I’ll stand beside you, but that doesn’t mean I agree with you, for we will fight, and you will probably win, and I may say things I don’t mean Daddy…

Someday, I’ll hold your hand, and wonder what this new school will be like, and you will reassure me that everything will be alright, and I’ll be glad you’re there with me Daddy…

Someday, I’ll stand beside you, although wobbly, and you’ll have to hold me up, for I have to learn how to walk on my own, but I still need you Daddy…

Someday, all these things might happen, but for now, you hold me tight, and I stare at your tear-filled eyes with my own new eyes, for today is my birth day, you and Mommy made me nine long months ago, and I’m finally here, and Daddy…

I love you so

Someday, honey. Someday, hopefully Someday in March 2010, we'll have our baby in our arms. Someday you'll be the best daddy! Someday, you'll give the best hugs and be the best role model. Someday, you'll laugh so hard you cry and wrestle until bed. Someday, you'll be the proud daddy who is showing off his bundle of joy to the world instead of being in the crowd smiling for someone elses' bundle of joy. Someday honey...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Header!!

What ya think??? No more Mickey Mouse images when I see my blog title! :-) Thank you Sassy for doing this for me!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I must figure out why in the world my sub title headings are suddenly Christmas colors... haha! They were all red to match the whole red in the border of my header. I don't understand HTML! hahaha!

Thank you again Sassy! I love it! Charles will be happy that 'Arms' is no longer the odd ball out.

Now I must go pack and stop playing on the blog as Charles is at work and he worked diligently the last two days packing so now it's my turn... Argh. I hate moving! But am ever so grateful for the place we are moving into. Am I allowed to be that contradicting??? :-) Why, yes, I am. It is my blog and all. hahaha!


Becuase way too many photos were taken to only choose a few and too many to upload them all, take a look at my photos from my recent trip to Georgia! Yes, I have facebook so feel free to add me as a friend if you wish! But you like not too, that's cool too. Just take a look at my photos from Georgia. :-)


Cycle Update

Last night I took my last Provera pill to induce my period so we can get the show on the road... Once my period arrives, hopefully early this next week, I'm to have all the lovely bloodwork done by like cycle day 3 or 4. I don't know, realistically, how long it takes to get all the results back. We're not going to do any treatments until we have all the results back so instead, I'm going to pop Soy again this cycle so hopefully I'll have a "normal" cycle.

So, if we happened to conceive this cycle, we would be due the end of March. We do not want an April or May baby as everyone and their mama (literally) on Charles' side of the family (minus Charles and his dad) have April and May birthday's. We, selfishly for our baby, want their birthday to be special all on their own as it will forever be a day we longed and prayed for. It will be special to us. Just like people go out of their way to celebrate a seperate birthday for those born on/around Christmas. We don't want them to be overlooked amongst the excitement of everyone else's birthday in those two months. I know, it's crazy and probably stupid, but to us, it's a big deal. Birthday's are a BIG deal.

Not to mention, the newest niece, Allyson, first birthday is in May. That's going to be a BIG deal. How horrible would it be for us to have our baby then as well and thus neither baby getting the full attention they deserve? We'll hope and pray for any of the other 10 months out of the year although I'm thinking March sounds pretty darn good! :-) We would be 36-40 weeks the entire month of March. So any date would be perfectly fine.

In saying that, we'll try this cycle with the Soy and I'll continue charting my basal body temperature and using OPKs. I'll start up Progesterone once ovulation has been confirmed and we'll pray for peace in whatever is to happen. July will be busy with settling into our new house. August, just celebrating Charles' birthday and our Sixth Anniversary. Not to mention, August holds a bad month of when SIL and my friend Alex both conceived and ended up with May babies. September I'll be in Georgia, but perhaps Florida, for my mom's birthday. October we'll probably start Injects and IUI again as this too gives us time to save up for back to back to back cycles. January if we're not pg, we'll going into IVF.

I'm also trying to take into consideration if the bloodwork reveals anything seeking additional treatment, I have given myself a few months of already prepared to deal with the non-trying status. And my Endocrinologist appointment is scheduled for August 27th, the earliest available.

Am I crazy for so not wanting an April or May baby??? I mean, if God blesses us with a baby born then, we'll embrace it. We'll go out of our way to make their day extra special as we've just waited way too long to let anyone else ruin their day. It'll be their day but our day too. Our yearly reminder of something finally pleasant for us instead of the reminder of another year passed that everyone elses' child brings to me.

Endocrinologist Update

I know, I've been a horrible blogger lately. I do apologize... :-( Let's just say that I've been pretty overwhelmed since I got back from Georgia with the whole move and such. Excuse now used so let me move on...

After the whole discussions on my blog in regards to my initial PCOS questioning post and then the Hypothryoid questioning post and then when the wonderful Nurse at my RE office said we would do all the testing, I used a website suggested by Alexicographer and after going back and forth to make sure I found a Dr on this website also covered by my Insurance, I settled on one.

I called and the receiptionist I spoke with started out polite as I gave her all my information. It started when I told her I was having the bloodwork done the end of June and would have it sent over to them that the evil came out. We went round and round and round. She kept saying that you cannot schedule an appointment until they have all the results. I asked how far out the Dr was booking appointments and was told THREE MONTHS! I assured her I would have the results over in plenty of time for the Dr to look over the results prior to the appointment. She insisted and said that she did not understand why I was not understanding. I told her that I did not want the appointment tomorrow but rather her next available, as in, three months out as when I got the results who knows how far out she would be booking then.

I told her I could have my records sent over from a previous Dr when I have my Thyroid tested before. She asked how old the records were? I said about 2 years. She said, "We need relevant records". I said, well, I hope the Dr takes these records into consideration as she looks at the new numbers for comparison... She said I could have them sent over but I couldn't schedule an appointment until I had the new labs.

I'm just frustrated remembering this conversation! If I never deal with her again, I'll be the happiest person alive!

So, let's just say that I ended the conversation with the fullest intentions never to call again better yet send over any of my information.

So when I received a voicemail just yesterday from another lady from this same office asking me to call I was confused.

I called and spoke with this lady and as she said she was getting my file I said, "To be quite honest. I am not sure why you called me." She was very nice and explained that she had requested my records from Dr. Witten's office and was calling to schedule my appointment.

Jaw drop here. Really???

Somehow during the conversation with ultra rude girl whom I found out is named Chris whom I will avoid like the plaque, wrote down that I mentioned my RE was Dr. Witten and when this new nice lady received the notes it was written on there. When she never received records she took it upon herself to inquire about the records herself so she was calling to set up the appointment as she had records now.

I am not quite sure how to take this to be honest. Records were requested and released without my permission. Isn't there a HIPPA law that is supposed to protect me here???

I decided that since this new lady was ultra nice and she apologized repeatedly for the rude lady Chris, I went ahead and scheduled the appointment. I have it. August 27th I believe at like 2:15pm I think. Thankfully, she is sending out a reminder letter with directions as well. :-)

So there it is. We'll see what happens...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brad Paisley Concert

So. We are sitting on the lawn of the verizon wireless amphitheater waiting to see brad Paisley. You see. Charles got the tickets for free from a guy he works with who couldnt go. Who would pass up a free concert? It is ninety something degrees out and all the Skanks In the area took it upon themselves to wear as little clothing as possible. Yeah. Interesting especially since not all of them are a size zero or less! Ha ha! Catch my drift? :-) shall be fun...

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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Back, safe and sound, in Missouri with my lovely husband and doggies whom I missed! Now, give me an evening to recoup before I overwhelm you with photos and stories as I do have my fair share to share... :-)

So, for now. Off to enjoy a slice of Publix cake. Yes. I managed to purchas an 8" and bring it home! I'm taking a giant slice to my nanny family as they just do not know what they are missing... Charles is enjoying a slice now. :-) Oh, Publix I miss you... hahaha!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Ya know what i just did? I decided it is hot and i wanted only the best ice cream so I just drove to chick fil a! Not a big deal to do here since one sits on practically every corner... Unlike in missouri and all. Let me just say that that was GOOD! Just what i needed. Nice and extra cold! :-) now time to meet up with an old good friend.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do you see it??

Take a good look at this door.

Do you see it?

You see, I HATE flying with an absolute passion. Flying freaks me out. I believe that is my number one freak out, flying. To be in the air. It is unnatural. I know the reality though and living this far from family, it is the easiest and now, with rising gas costs, the most effective mode of transportation.

Not to mention, the horror stories my lovely husband feels the need to share with me as well, he is an Air Traffic Controller and knows about all the "close calls" that happen that are so well kept from the general public. Yet he reminds me that flying is still the safest mode of transportation... It still freaks me out.

So, last night before difting into dream land, I prayed. I prayed and prayed and prayed. God, please oh please give me a sense of peace about flying tomorrow... Show me that you are with me and comfort me.

I slept. No dreams that I can recall. I slept good. And did not want to take when the alarm went off at 5am for Charles to get ready and head to work...

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was this cross that seemed to be ultra dominant on the closet doors. I had never realized this before. It was just weird and like God was giving me a reminder that He is with me, thru it all. Wheather in the sky or on the ground. God is a constant, my physical location is a variable. (I did learn something from math!)

When I feel myself getting anxious about flying this evening, I remember my Savior who lives within me. Who is always there. In what seems to be the bad as well as the good. May the pilot and co-pilot be alert and awake. May the Air Traffic Controllers who will be guiding our plane from the ground be filled with knowledge as to guide the pilots. May the weather we are to fly thru be calm and smooth. May I not freak out too bad within the air. May no screaming babies be aboard the plane... okay, the last one is just for my sanity but not that imporant of a prayer. :-)

So now, do you see it?

Welcome Baby Annabelle!!

Today marks a very special day for the Infertility Support group I faciliate at a local hospital. Today is the day our first baby entered the world!

I received a text from Beth at 9:05pm last night saying her water has broke and they are headed to the hospital.

At 5:21 am Beth delivered baby Annabelle weighing in at 7lbs 9ozs!!!

I hope that fellow Infertiliy sisters who happen to read my blog find this encouraging. You see, Beth was on Clomid for a YEAR! She went off Clomid and was waiting to see a new RE when she learned of her pregnancy! This was a complete and welcomed surprise!

I wish nothing but the best for this newest family of Three they are now! Congrats Beth!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my dad turns 50... half a century old. And, has he proudly boasts, I am exactly half his age as well. My dad is so corny but you've gotta love him! I can't wait to see my family tomorrow!

Dad, if you ever decide to read my blog, Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm going to call you anyways too.

*Unlike my mom's faithful reading, my dad hasn't read my blog in oh, about 1 1/2 years! haha!*

Monday, June 8, 2009

Heading to Georgia!

I'm so very excited for my upcoming trip to Georgia!!! :-) Tomorrow is my dad's big 50 birthday and as he is all excited about, I'm exactly half his age and this will be the only time I am! Yeah, I come from a lame family. haha!

I fly out Wednesday evening and my mom is going to pick me up from the airport. We're going to spend a few minutes together and then she'll drop me off at my dad's house where I'll spend the night since it'll be late. Thursday morning I'll get up extra early and drive to Douglasville, GA to spend the day and night with three of my favorite nieces! We'll have quality one on one time and hopefully I'll get to also meet Charle's niece who is our age and her daughter. Friday I'm going to have lunch with my Aunt Judi in Douglasville and then drive back to Newnan to meet up with my friend Erin at Five Guys for some long overdue catching up!

Saturday morning I'll hopefully meet up with my friend Alex and her two boys as it's the oldest's 6th Birthday! Saturday is also my dad's Birthday party so we'll be getting ready for that along with some nice quality time with my youngest brother, Daniel, as my other younger brother, Ryan, is in the UK on his month long adventure. My oldest brother doesn't love me enough to drive over from Alabama (haha!) to see me...

Sunday I'll fly back home to my waiting husband's arms. :-) I'll be worn out from a wonderful visit with my family and friends! Now, just pray that all goes well with the flight as I'm petrified to fly and well, since I'm going alone I can't drug myself as I have to be coherent enough to know where I am and where I'm going! :-(

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pretty nails. Bike?

No, I have not been spending an enormous amount of time in Lowe's looking at all the nails and screws that are available. Instead, I'm talking about fingernails! You know, the ones that I never seem to be able to grow and have them stay long and healthy...

Moving forward now.

Golly, for the last five years or so, off and on of course, I have been taking some sort of multi vitamin. Something to help not only to ensure I have all the proper nutrients for when I get pregnant but to have healthy skin, hair, and well, nails. Never before have my nails been this pretty... This strong. This healthy looking. I know, I'm a dork. I am in awe over my nails. I don't have the ridges I once did. They look pink and white beautifully.

My secret? Flintstones. As in, Flintstones Multi Vitamin for kids. You know. The chewable kinds.

***ETA- I've been taking Flintstones since sometime in mid April? So it's taken about two months for me to notice this difference.***

Why Flintstones? It all started when Dr. Amy Gawery came to speak at one of the Infertility Support Groups I facilitate. She had a 'soapbox' on how Iodine is a much needed nutrient that most of us do not get enough of and all... Another post. I took it upon myself to look at every single multi vitamin in Wal-Mart and Walgreens that week and found only ONE to contain Iodine. If you guessed it was the Flintstones Chewables, you were correct. :-) So, now I take one Flintstones in the morning and one at night.

So... Since I'm seeing such fantastic changes in my fingernails, think it's giving me the nutrients I was missing out on and thus impacting other areas of my body as well???? None I've really noticed yet but I'm waiting!
A Madsen Cycle! Just look on my left bar, the fourth image down, for the photo! Want to help me win this nifty bike??? I don't know how I would use it really but I'm sure my nanny boys would fit in the back and make for a great ride! haha! Okay, so maybe not for that use but something else! All you need, um, I'm asking you to do is to click on the link and once you're at the website you can leave. That's it. I think it'd be awesome. I'm totally into the blue one with the tub on the back. Maybe since we'll be close to grocery stores I can ride there and back with my goods in the tub??? How exciting!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Update from RE...

Previously, more specificially in this post, I ranted on about the phone message I received from my current RE's office which left my jaw on the floor and in a confused state. This morning, I called them back to get some sort of clarification...

About 10am I got a phone call from nurse Mickey, (LOVE HER!) and she basically said that the nurse who called me must have mis understood my Dr's notes as no where did it say we were going straight to IVF but instead that was our next step if Injectibles/IUI did not work.

*Sigh of relief here...*

I asked/told Mickey about the autoimmune disorders that occur on my mom's side of the family and she immediately said that she wants to run the whole gambet of tests on me. When questioned if this could be why I have had chemical pregnancies in the past, she included as well that they were going to label it has "multiple miscarriages" so insurance would pay without batting an eyelash and they would also run all those specific tests...

I feel like a little fish in a big pond again. I mean, I know pretty much nothing about this side of TTC. Nada. Zilch. She rambled off a bunch of tests all of which I have no clue and said that we'll do this before proceeding.

*HUGE sigh of relief here...*

What I do recall her saying we are going to test is ANA, Antibodies, blood clotting disorders, Lupus, and we are going to re-test LH, FSH, Thyroid, T3, T4, and a whole list of things I'm forgetting.

Said since I'm going on like CD 35 still without ovulation, thanks cysts from inject cycle, they want to induce my period using Provera and once I start to call and we'll do the testing. I'm assuming it takes time to get the results and thus this next cycle is a bust as well so we'll start the cycle after with the newfound answers?

So.......... Here's where I ask for YOUR help! What tests, specificially, should I write down and ask that they be done?? All Mickey said was that they were going to do the "full workup" on me.

What do you think?? I don't even know where to begin learning all about this aspect of TTC! It feels so much more complicated and my brain is already stretched with learning what I have! haha! Gosh. Whoever thought TTC would come to all this... I just hope to get some sort of answers and start Injects/IUI again in July/August cycle!