Monday, March 31, 2008

This is Charles and I, throwing our hands up in the air!

*Read all the way through as it gets interesting and it changes...*

Without getting too long, I'll provide the Reader's Digest Version...

Charles got a phone call today to "verify" he is denying his interview/physical all day thing for the Air Traffic Control position. He was like um, no I'm not denying it. Needless to say, lots of phone calls were made and in the end we found out that he was never even considered for anywhere in Micigan or on the Atlanta list. He was considered for Waterloo, Iowa but somehow denied that position uknowingly. Um, and currently he is on the selection list for Washington State (Auburn and Seattle), Kansas (Olathe and Witichia, i'd learn how to spell it first), and Ohio statewide. The selection boards must first meet and if they select him THEN he will proceed to the interview/physical all day event at the next available time...

So, as the title clearly states, Charles and I are throwing our hands in the air going WHO KNOWS and moving on with our lives. No more putting "things" on hold for the future "what ifs" that may or may not come about. It's all just so frustrating and stressful and whatever adjective you wish to put in there...

So, please pray for us. For patience. For guideance. For trusting faith. For a sense of peace.

Thanks guys! Will keep updating when things happen...

Now on a slightly happier note and yet still oh so frustrating! (If you care to know or not, I'm posting!)

So, when I ventured to the herb shop a week or so ago for something for Charles, I found something for me too. :-) It's called Cycle 1 - Estrogenic and Cycle 2 - Progesterone and it's supposed to regulate your cycles and without going into explaination on my issues, the lady said it's worked wonderful for those she knows with PCOS and one flight attendent in the area even used it twice, each time she got pregnant with her kids. :-)

I think the Vitex I have been taking is REALLY starting to regulate or do something with my cycles ! :-) YEAH!!! And I'm hoping with seeing the acupuncturist (first off for the nerve in my pinky toe) she'll be able to help with regulating as well. I've got a lot to look forward to!

And that's it for the Swann household... Like that's not enough! LOL BUT, only 11 weeks 6 days until GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, all that was written prior to about 4pm and now at just after 7pm the news changes, yet again. :-) Gotta LOVE the federal government...

So, Charles recieved a return phone call from a lady who is in charge of the applicant processing and the all day hiring events... So, she calls him and informs him that the places he is on the selection list for are metting next week, the 7th and 8th for Centers. The states are, in this order to their meetings, Cleveland, Ohio (Looking for 66 NEW trainees), Olathe, Kansas (Looking for 82 NEW trainees), and finally Seattle, Washington (Looking for 50 NEW trainees).

Once they meet next week, no one else is going to meet until early May and there are 32 states that are meeting for Termianl Positions (different from Centers) and the order of meeting is Washington 4th (Looking for 17 NEW trainees) and Ohio 19th (Looking for 5 NEW trainees).

SSOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo... Make what you wish out of that. :-)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Uploaded pics, scroll down.

That's all I wanted to say. I have added pics of Alex's Baby Shower and Easter but for all of them you must check out piczo... and click on appropriate tab or just check out all of them! (But you're not allowed to rag me on how blank some of them are... LOL)


Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't you love it??

Thanks. I know you love me. That is why you put up with my blogging as boring as it can be, okay, at times... I'll give myself a LITTLE credit! But what I am talking about is my new background! isn't it adorable?? Yeah, Charles says it's "busy" but hey, what's wrong with that?? I LOVE it, haha, love?? get it??

K, so my lameness is over.

We DID have a very llllooonnnnnggg day though. I won't really get into details as I'm trying to keep this blog from being "boring"! Um, we woke up at 7am to leave by 8am for the dealership. Arrived at the dealership at 9am and officially handed over our keys (we each took our own car as we both had things that needed to be done). Then we um, yeah, sat. We walked around the lot... We sat some more. We got a loaner car and went to lunch at Boston's. We sat more. Walked around more. And officially, five hours later, we were headed home.

We got home and as I was starting on my paper for my Marketing class, Charles calls me to the door to find out what our problem neighbor kids were doing in our yard at our mailbox. *We're not nit picky people, really, but these kids are KNOWN problem causers and have been caught throwing rocks at our house bef0re* and long story short, the non-emergency sheriff was called and she came out, talked to us. We covered our grounds. She left. And I went back to homework, well, actually trying to put up my new background instead of homework... :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jack Update

Jack is doing 100% better! :-) Thanks to our friend Amelia who also happens to be our new vet, he's doing a-okay! Now I just need to get him back totally on dry dog foods which is taking FOREVER as I tried to do it quickly and it just upset his tummy too much and we were back at throwing up... During all this, Jill is being spoiled as well. Why of course, right?? ;-)

Thought you'd want to see our puppies but this is back in 2007! I'll get a much more updated one...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Blog Now here!

Yes, I am indeed posting just to "hold the space" for when I have the time to write this entire blog... So, this is giving a fair warning to check back as I DO have pictures to also post that you do not want to miss out on!!! ;-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and took the time to remember WHY we celebrate Easter to begin with! :-) Our Savior, Jesus Christ, LIVES!!!!! AMEN!

(I figured I'd leave the top portion for those of you who only check my blog occassionally... I don't dare let you miss out on laughing at me! LOL)

So, Easter was very good in the Swann household. :-) We went to church Saturday night with dad and Jodi at Line Creek Baptist. We watched a musical on the Crusifiction (sp?) of Jesus.
Sunday morning Charles and I woke and prepared for a house full of guests. We knew mom, Ray Marie and Ray, Chris and Alice and the three girls were coming down to eat and after eating once it was dark, we were to have our "Second Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt" with who knows who else would be joining us!

Oh yes, and Caitilen had this "baby" for the weekend from her Child and Family Development class. My mom was hilarious with that thing! That's the "baby" my mom is holding here...

So we grilled out as it was a BEAUTIFUL day! :-) We goofed off outside and just chilled. Yes, chilled out. About dusk, mom, Ray, and I hid the Easter eggs that counted to just over 150!!! YES, we hid over 150 Plastic Easter Eggs!!! PLUS the extra 12 goodies mom found for the kids... THEN, as I was inviting our neighbors that came last year, our other neighbor Nicki came over to hide her dozen or so Easter eggs to contribute so her two boys could look... So, let's do the math... We had over 164+ plastic easter eggs in our yard!!! LOL
As the countdown to dark approached, everyone gathered in our itty bitty living room. Well, itty bitty with a ton of people in it! LOL We had mom, Ray, Ray Marie, Nicki, Kriby, Devin, Colin, Mike, Myra, Curt, Jocyln, Caden, Marissa, Mark, Nicky, Chris, Alice, Caitilen, Tori, Payton, and Me and Charles ALL in our living room! Talk about packed! LOL So we ventured outside with all our flashlights and onto the hunt began... No, not all the eggs were found that night. Charles and I found about 10 more in the following days. It was crazy but such fun! So next year our two neighbors are going to have to continue the "Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt" without us and we'll start a new something in Michigan! :-)
Check out Piczo for the rest of the pictures!!! :-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

A whole new world is to be opened to me!!!

I'm SO excited!!!! I have really gotten into "Chinese Medicine" as opposed to Western thoughts and practices. So, I have made my first appointment with an acupuncturist for April 4 at 8am! I am hopefully going to finally get this stupid little pinky toe nerve on my right foot fixed since the shoes I wore while working at the bank really screwed it up... :-) Not to mention, I've got a whole list of stuff to talk to her about!

I have heard SO many wonderful things about acupuncture in general that I'm excited to experience it myself! I am a bit anxious with the thought of all those tiny needles being stuck in me... I think the excitement of what the outcome will be is overpowering it though! I'll let you know how it goes!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jack, oh my goodness!

From the absolute very beginning Jack has been a high dollar dog... When we rescued him from the pound they mandate that the animals be spayed/neutered. Well, we had him neutered and low and behold, he had an impacted testes so it was even MORE expensive... Then, a few months later, he was going severe diarrhea and vomitting and it was horrible! We took him to the vet where they did x-rays, did blood work, and examined him and of course while he was in their crate, he destroyed the bottom lining so they had to do another (complimentary) x-ray and keep him to observe only to be told he had an "dietary indescrition (sp?)" and was handed a bill for a few hundred dollars. THEN, he decides to chew a hole in our comforter, chew up several sweaters of mine, the bi-fold doors, my hope chest, and who knows what else!

So, here we are again... I just made an appt. at our NEW vet, East Coweta Vet Hospital where our friend Amelia Ray is a veterinarian. Jack has not eaten or drank anything since Sunday morning. That day is also when he started this whole diarrhea thing. :-( It sucks not only for him but also for us. Sunday night and again last night, Jack would pace and since Charles is such a light sleeper, he would hear him and take him out only to stand outside for about 15 minutes while Jack goes diarrhea... This goes on anywhere from 45 min to 2 hours and up and out again they go. We have given Jack two immodium and still NOTHING! If I take two, I am stopped up for days! LOL Okay, before you get mad at me for not helping, I am such a HEAVY sleeper that I just do not hear them and when I do wake up, it's right about the time Charles is crawling back into bed... I TRIED last night to sleep lighter but just did not hear anything. ;-(

I'm preparing for another couple hundred dollar or so bill from the vet... AH! This dog has been one expensive "pound puppy"! That's okay. This dog is totally Charles' baby and well worth it.

And for those interested, Jill is back to absolute 100%! Her "Cold-water tail" was completely healed within 7 days. It was just the funniest thing ever!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I was Tagged!

I was tagged... Thanks Kim!

10 years ago: I was an 8th Grade first year homeschooler with not a single worry in the world... Well, maybe I was a little worried about high school and trying out for colorguard but that was it! Crazy huh??

Things on my to-do list today:
*Take Jack outside in about 20 minutes
*Take Jack out again in about an hour and contine this throughout the day
*Yep, wait another 20 minutes to take Jack out again
*Again, let Jack out
*Take Jack to the vet at 11am
*Devote all my attention to Jack today...

Three of my bad habits:
1. PROCRASTINATION!!! That so should have been my middle name...
2. Being lazy.
3. Self diagnosis and trying to diagnosis everyone else.

Five jobs I have had:
1. Daycare worker
2. Waitress/Banquet Server
3. Nanny
4. Customer Service Rep
5. Teller

5 things people don't know about me:
1. I want to go to Romonia and just love on the kids in the orphanages.
2. I want to adopt at least one child, preferably two.
3. I HATE to read!
4. I used to want to be an actress and model. (haha!)
5. I have a close group of online friends and supporters. :-)

tag Nicki and Marcelle your turn! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Please Pray for Hannah!!!

Little Hannah was diagnosed with Stage 3 Rhabdomyosarcoma-emdryomal cancer all this week.

I cared for Hannah while working at Discovery Point for a couple years and her mom worked there as well so we spent quite a few nap times chatting about life. Hannah will be 6 July 4 so this is a lot that she is going through right now!

A song that keeps being recommended is Held by Natalie Grant also sung by Amy Grant.

Another video I stumbled across is by Newsboys, When the Tears Fall.

Just please keep Hannah and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this! If you wish to read her blog you may do so at:
Now on a different note...

I am SO frustrated at Wachovia, where Charles currently works!!!! Yeah, he is expected to go into work tomorrow without pay on what they call, "Personal Committment Time"! What the crap is that?? Yeah, it technically weights out as he is leaving early today and going in tomorrow but STILL!!! Wachovia finds every way possible to screw him over and it is just NOT cool!!! I'm SO ready for him to just quit and be done with them as they are treating him horribly as well... He's got such a great attitude towards it though! He is not only talking this talk but is walking the walk... He says he wants to do all he can so that if he fails, he will have a peace that he did everything he possibly could and he sure is. I am the one with the sour attitude towards them. My husband has grown SO much it absolutely amazes me and I am SO proud of him!!!

Now yet for another topic...

I had a very pleasant dream last night. LOL If only it would come true....... I won't share as then it may prevent it from coming true! haha!! Kind of like when you blow out your cake's candles, you are not supposed to tell of your wish or else it won't come true. :-)

One more exciting topic to share....

15 WEEKS 3 DAYS until Bachelor's Degree in HAND!!!!!!!!

Not that I'm particuarly counting or anything. :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Don't worry... You've got PLENTY of time..."

So, this is how the conversation usually goes as I have heard it over, and over, and over, and OVER again!!!

Both: "Yada, yada, yada..."
Them: Wow, you've been married for several years now... Any kids?
Me: No. Not yet. We're waiting a bit longer.
Them: Oh great idea! You're still young and have plenty of time...
Me: Yeah, I guess.
Them: Enjoy this time while you have it without kids!
Me: Yeah, we're doing just that.
Them: If you really feel the need to have kids, you can always borrow mine/ours...
Me: Yeah, I work with kids for a reason, thanks.
Them: The option is always open!
Me: Yeah. Thanks.

And that's it. That is the conversation I have had so many times, with both those that know me and complete strangers, that it annoys the living crap out of me!!! Why? Glad you asked as this is going to be an interesting post but I think it's time to get it out in the open... Be prepared to read a long post. Also, to know never to have this conversation with anyone who seems "young" again, k? :-) Thanks, on behalf of all of us in such a situation as this!

*DEEP breath*

Actually, in Jan 2006 when we had had enough of me switching Birth control pills and such due to my such adverse reactions to them, we decided to just stop all together and if I got pregnant, so be it. No worries. Well, in October 2006 I went for my yearly exam and the Dr. suggested I might have PCOS... I had a follow up ultrasound and bloodwork. Before we got the results back, I immediately went to the internet and GOOGLED PCOS and read all kinds of horror stoies and such. Yes, the internet is a GREAT resource but also one that can cause undo stress and anxiety. Well, the bloodwork came back "inconclusive" and the ultrasound came back to show a "string of pearls" around my ovaries to point directly to PCOS. This very day, Charles and I talked in great length about what to do and where to go from here. I had kind of suspected something was wrong as history in my family is VERY fertile and after 9 months with still nothing, I just had a feeling. Anyways, so we talked and that is when I decided to chart my basal body temperature to see if the Dr was indeed right with his conclusion that I do not ovulate. FYI, I do, occassionally. Actually, more often then not.

So, we decided that since statistics are so far against us to go ahead and start actively trying to concieve. Yes, you have read right. We have been trying to have a baby, off and on, since October 2006. In this time, I have had one confirmed very early miscarriage which happened in July 2007. I believe, in my heart of hearts, that I had another in December 2006 but it's only speculation. Unfortunately, miscarriage rates are way higher in PCOSers than others...

Now, in saying this and probably putting to rest what some of you have questioned, I will not and do not want to have ANY conversations about this. K? :-) I do not want to hear any suggestions that your friend's cousin's daughter did to get pregnant. I do not want to talk about what we have tried, are going to try, or are even willing to try if need be. I do not want to be told to "just relax" or tell me to not think about it. I do not want to be sent e-mails about suggestions or anything in the like. If you insist on talking about this you may do so with others and God but please, not me or Charles. I already have a great support system in place from others who are going through the same thing and know the ups and downs of it all... I do not want to hear "you've got plenty of time" as it may be true number wise, but according to statistics one's prime fertility time is early 20's and well, since I'm here and going on 1 1/2 years of TRYING and not working, I just do not want to hear it! I do not want to have to answer the question over and over again, "Are you pregnant yet?" or "What is taking so long?" or even something along the lines of, "Are you EVER going to have kids?" These questions are just flat upsetting especially given the history. I PROMISE you, when we do get pregnant, you will find out, eventually.

What I WANT is to know that when the time does happen, we will have nothing but support and encouragement. I will have my Bachelor's degree completed so that cannot be used against us as does Charles already. Who cares where we live, what we're doing, or any of that! No time is ever PREFECT! When God blesses us with a child, it will be the perfect timing! Until then, we will continue to grow closer together, with God, and strengthen our marriage for when that time comes. We want our child(ren) to come into a loving, strong, and healthy family relationship.

K, so now that that's out there... I hope I did not offend anyone or hurt any feelings. I will say though that if you HAVE gone through such infertility then by all means I welcome your fellow encouragement. Success stories, especially by those who have PCOS are ALWAYS welcomed! It is great to hear about them and know what worked and did not work for you.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yet another piece of the puzzle!

Short, sweet, and to the point...

Charles got an e-mail today from a lady at BWI requesting his time for an interview and to contact her back to set this up. Well, the first question is where is BWI? According to Google, BWI is Baltimore-Washington International Airport! Yeah, ask what the crap?? LOL It's not even in the same region as Michigan!!! He's not even on their selection list so why is she contacting him for an interview?? So, there ya go! As far as we know, he's still set up for his all day logistics event in Atlanta April 9, 2008 and should find out what's happening from there...

On a side now, June 30, 2008 is coming closer and closer!!!! YEAH!!!!! So, keep calendar's open for June 29, 2008 as we're gonna P-A-R-T-Y becuase it's going to be a celebration of my graduation, FINALLY, and a "We're Moving" get together as well! :-)

On that note, I've gotta get to working on my learning team paper due tonight... Putting the final touches on it! :-)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're READY!!!

Yesterday we ventured out... It was "payback" for the day I gave Charles on Friday but I won't go there. LOL Let's just say I rode his patiences all day Friday for various reasons none of which I did on purpose...

Okay, so only a fraction of us is ready for this big move to Michigan! We went yesterday to the dealership to look for a car for Charles... We are trading in his Grand Prix GTP as it's SO low to the ground and with all that snow, their is no way he would make it through! LOL So, we're at the dealership (Auction Direct and it's AWESOME and if you go, refer us! ;-) They are SO much less expensive then other places... Believe us, we drove around that day to a few places before landing there...) and checking out trucks/SUVs and I find a Honda Pilot!! I LOVE those SUVs!!!! We also found a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Mercury Mariner, and another Mercury Mountaineer. They didn't have any trucks that struck our fancy. Our only qualifications was it HAD to be either AWD or 4X4 so we could drive and be safe in Michigan.

So, we test drove these vehicles... Out of all of them, the Honda Pilot was number 1 and the Jeep Cherokee number 2! So, we talked with the people and made a deal X 2! :-) We traded "keys for keys" with Charles car since it is paid off for the Cherokee and I traded in my Mercury Mountaineer for the Honda Pilot! :-) On my car we actually lowered the payment which is even better! :-) So we now have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4 and a 2004 Honda Pilot EX AWD (goes into 4X4 when needed)! :-) We LOVE our new cars! I'll post pics later!

(Insert pics of vehicles here)

And whilest we were out, someone freaking STOLE our Realtot's sign from our front yard in the middle of the day!!!!! WHAT THE CRAP?? They did not touch any of the other signs in our neigbhorhood but stole that and all our brochures but left the brochure holder thingy... Weird. So we keep joking with our agent telling her she must have really pissed off someone! LOL

And onto today...

Alex had her baby shower today. It was a double shower with another family friend of theirs and whom we went to high school with. Anyways, Alex is HUGE! (I say that with love! LOL) She looks absolutely great though, ALL belly!!! I saw my little Caleb and he's so grown up looking now... :-( He'll be 5 in June and it just does not seem right for time to be going by that quickly!

Everyone was wearing name tags and Caleb insisted on writing mine and he actually did pretty good... Here's what it looks like:

Alex really made out on gifts though! :-) BUT, the absolute best part was that I got to feel "Cole" move!!!! I kept putting my hands on her belly and would feel him move! One time it felt like he was rolling around! It was the absolute neatest thing ever!!!!!! :-) Ah, I hope I can experience that one day via my insides! haha! Yes, Alex, although it was super neat feeling "Cole" move, it was great catching up with you as well! :-)

Then I come home and my oh so wonderful husband has dinner almost ready to go... :-) Gosh I love him!!! And not because he cooks. LOL :-)

So now that I have a full tummy (which WAS a South Beach dinner and absolutely delicious) and have updated, it's time to work on homework... Ah, June 30, 2008 CANNOT come fast enough!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Well, the story first...

Charles spoke with a lady in OK City today and she FINALLY informed him that he had been put on TWO interview lists. One for a Terminal position in Michigan and one for an enroute position for Atlanta! *You may get excited for uno moment* Then she informed him that this was sent to the uppers in OK City and THEY decided that he would be taken off the Atlanta list and will only pursue him for Michigan... So, it's final, MICHIGAN is where we shall go!

On another note, our weight loss is going great! Charles has lost a total of 12 pounds since we started the South Beach Diet Feb. 23 and I have lost about 7 pounds. Yeah, that heffer lost more then me! I know, I know... Men loose weight faster then women. WHATEVER!

And still, so far my second part-time job at the Summit YMCA is going great! Not a whole lot to complain about and Luke LOVES it! :-) Yeah!

So, that's it for now. Some big, some little, some pointless news. :-) Keep checking in though!!! And why don't ya leave us some comments eh?? *I'm practicing my Canadian talk! LOL*

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Patience, Yes God, Patience...

We have come to the conclusion that God is trying to mold us into better people... To be more trusting of Him. To learn to just have faith and walk as He wants us to. I believe He is really doing a majority of this through the whole changing of careers with the FAA.

So, you are asking why's this? What's happened now? Well....

Charles just got on the website and checked his status updates. According to this website, he has been turned down for a position in Michigan! WHAT?? This is who selected him to attend the all day interview/physical/etc. event April 9th!!! So, he's trying to get some answers and probably won't until the beginning/middle of next week. Yes, THIS is where Patience comes into place and just trusting that God has it all worked out.

The other lists that he has been turned down for a position include Champagne, Illinois; Nebraska; and Michigan.

So, I guess I should change my Poll for what STATE we're going to end up in!! Ha-ha-ha! I just hope that we know what STATE, and hopefully city, the day of Charles' all day event April 9th!