Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel!!

Gosh, my "baby" brother is almost a legal adult now! He's officially no longer a teen... Turning the big 20 today! Have a wonderful and splended day Daniel! Your big sis loves you!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming to an End in my school career!

Yesterday Charles and I decided to discuss what in the world we were going to do with all our time now that neither of us would be glued to homework and other various school assignments! I don't think we ever came up with something... I just keep thinking, especially as I get more and more irritated with my current Learning Team and the class I'm in (Research and Statstics) and just want to pull my hair out! I would rather wash baseboards or organize closets or do ANYTHING else than spend any more time doing homework! I have officially been working towards my degree six years this year. Yes, SIX for a FOUR year degree! That in and of itself is irritating. If I would not have transferred... I would be done now. Who knows what job/career I would be in.

In exactly five months and two days I will be DONE with school. I will have earned a Bachelors of Science in Human Services/Management. What I'll do with that. Um, manage people? Yeah, anything to do with people in general. I still have the hopes and dreams of opening an Adoption Agency one day... Not so much stuck on by the time I am 30 years old as at that time in my life, I HOPE to be running around after our children. :-) What a lovely thought. All this work to earn my degree to be a stay at home mom and have babies. hahaha! A dream come true for me!

I guess this writing has given me just enough of a break from the horrible class that it must come to an end and thus my resuming homework assignments... Oh, the day is coming, SOON!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

R.I.P. Uncle Cliff

Well, my dad just phoned me and informed me Great Uncle Cliff passed away last night. Boy am I glad we went up to see him this past summer! He was 90 years old! Uncle Cliff was Pops' brother. I only remember meeting Uncle Cliff once but just hearing he had passed away flooded emotions from when I was told Pops died. It was awesome meeting this family that I am related to but never knew about. I'm sure Pops is glad to see his brother after being seperated for so long!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gotta love friends!

This post is specificially for Erin, Shelby, and Casey! I was going through pictures on my computer and came across this one in particular. It always has been one of my favorites! I love you girls to death!!! (Tiff you too!!!) What a period in time that was...

Just becuase...

So, Charles and I were talking about this blog and such and he asked me if I update it everyday. I said, "um, no." He said, well, that's what a blog is for, to update every day. So, instead of boring everyone with our daily un-exciting lives, I figured it could be a every few days boring post, k?? :-)

The only "new" update we have here is that it SNOWED, like real snow, here in Georgia again!!! It was so pretty... Everything was white! :-) I LOVE IT!!!! And it's continued to stay cold so I'm saying God's getting our blood ready for colder weather! ha ha.

Oh, speaking of cold. The cat that once was my oldest brothers then abandoned to my dad then he left it and moved so I took the cat-dog has officially survived COLD, freezing weather! But, since our dogs officially hate the cat and tree it every time they possibly see it, we are in search of a new cat friendly house... Anyone want Gus?? :-) I should post a picture of the cat. He's really a good cat. Really. He's 99.9% outdoors although if it weren't for the dogs, he would have come inside for the snow. He's been neutered too. He keeps away snakes, rats, mice, and all those wonderful critters that humans tend to not like.

K, I have managed to write more than a sentence so let me find a picture of Gus to share with everyone to hopefully find him a wonderful new home! :-) HINT HINT HINT!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

PCOS, what is it?

I figured I would shed a few "layers" to help you better understand me. This is a very important question to me as I was diagnosed with it October 2006.

This is what the website says PCOS is:
*Is also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome or Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD).
*Affects an estimated 6-10% of all women and most don't even know they have it.
*Is treatable, but not curable, by medications, changes in diet and exercise.
*Is one of the leading causes of infertility in women.
*Has been identified for 75 years and they still aren't sure what causes it.
*Affects far more than just reproduction.
*IT IS NOT just a cosmetic problem.

After having an ultrasound and bloodwork done, I was diagnosed with "boarderline" PCOS. I asked the Dr. what in the heck that meant! He said that every decision I make from here on out effects which side of the fence I will fall on. If I take care of myself and exercise and eat right, I'll most likely have levels return to normal. If I eat junk food and not exercise, I will be full blown PCOS with all the high levels especially insulin.

I have been trying, going through phases should I say, of eating right and exercising. Charles and I have really upped the anty on exercise and have been walking our two heathens, I mean dogs, every night for about 45 minutes. :-) We just must keep it up!

PCOS is "controlled" via lifestyle changes such as diet. The best diet for a PCOSer to be on is The South Beach Diet as it cuts out all the white and adds in the good carbs, complex carbs. I notice a HUGE difference when I eat properly such as this diet.

My Gyno, who diagnosed me, wanted to immediately put me on Metformin, a diabetic drug, and Clomid to induce Ovulation even though I was not diabetic per my blood work and he just assumed I was not ovulating on my own. *No, we were not, have not been, and currently are not trying to start a family!* For those that know me, I LOVE to prove peole wrong... Well, I started charting my Basal body temperature (BBT) and low and behold, I have only had one known annovulatory cycle since Oct 2006! I think that's pretty good odds there! Now, we ran into other issues. But the fact that he wanted to start me on Clomid to induce Ovulation without testing me and everything else just goes to show that Dr. are all for the money! It's SO irritating!!

PCOS is a life changing diagnosis. It not only affects fertility or lack there of, but increases ones chances of having Heart Disease, Diabetes, and High Blood pressure. So many women suffer from so many of the symptoms daily and have no answer for their suffering...

K, that's my soap box for the moment. I hope my scattered brain syndrome made sense.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SNOWing in Georgia!!

I cannot believe good ole' Georgia got SNOW! :-) The top video is when it was just starting and the bottom video is after the snow finished and the sleet set in... We actually got accumulation!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How does Iowa sound?

Yes, you're reading right... Charles recieved an e-mail last night from the FAA informing him he has been put on Iowa's list as well. So, he got the list of five cities and just like Michigan, we are putting them in order of our least to greatest places we are interested in living. So here's our rank thus far:
1. Des Moines
2. Cedar Rapids
3. Waterloo
4. Sioux Falls
5. South Sioux City
If anyone has any suggestions on these cities, PLEASE do share! :-) We have done some research online but not a whole lot has been found, except of course from the Iowa Cacuses... haha! We're excited to see where we will actually end up! We have since learned that he could have a numerous amount of "tentative states" offer him positions and the next step will simply be who invites him for an interview and the first city to offer him the position is where we will go!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Michigan bound...

A little background on us... Charles applied for an Air Traffic Controller position with the FAA back in May 2007! He FINALLY took the test December 17, 2007 and scored 92.6% which put him in the "well qualified" category. At first, we thought we would end up in Windsor Locks, CT but he has since been notified that he is on the Michigan list. That list was sent with 12 cities for us to "rank" in order of least to greatest places that we wish to live. Our order is:
1. Grattan (Grand Rapids)
2. Ypsilanti
3. Kalamazoo
4. Muskegon
5. Garfield
6. Catalca
7. Sylvan Lake
8. Saginaw
9. Ann Arbor
10. Gaines
11. & 12. Detroit

We are hoping to hear something by the end of January 2008 so that Meghan my start looking for jobs there... :-)

That brings me to WHY this blog was created... To keep a better update for all our exteded and immediate families to keep updated on what's happening in our lives!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Want to Contact me?

If you ever so desire to contact me for any reason what-so-ever, you may happily do so via e-mail. If you have a question, a comment, or just want to say "Hi" this is how you reach me!


I was recently given an amazing opportunity from Barbara at Fairhaven Health! I was sent a few items to review and tell you all about! :-)

The first, and the one I was most excited about, is the Fertile Focus Saliva Ovulation Scope! I have wanted one of these for like the last two years and now I have the opportunity to test it out! I did try it the first day I got it and it showed partial fern which should have indiciated I was going to ovulate the following 3-4 days but since I was on a medicated stim cycle, this was not the most accurate of readings. Or. Perhaps I just need to learn to read it properly. :-)

Anyways. I'm looking forward to using this every single day this current cycle! It's one flat fee. No running out of strips to pee on and thus running the risk of having dye variance from different lots... I'm very excited about this!

This is my second favorite! It is the Bend, Breathe, and Conceive Yoga DVD. It was made specifically for those of us trying to conceive as there are specific poses that one should not do in Yoga that can harm instead of help a potential baby...

This Pregnancy Wheel is very cool to read! It will become my latest addiction, I am sure! :-) You just put the arrow where your mensus started and it tells your your estimated due date. This is so much easier to configure instead of going to my cell phone calendar and counting fourty weeks... Yes. I do this. And probably more times than I shall care to admit. {Blush} If only I could get my cycles to mimic the 'normal' 28 days every textbook mentions then it would also pinpoint when ovulation should occur and thus making the "baby making festival" that much less complicated!! Baby steps Meghan, Baby Steps...

Although I am very excited to really try these out, I am more excited about the giveaway I am putting together!!! It may, or may not, include one or all of these same items. :-) More news on that later!!!

For now though! Farihaven Health is offering all of you Ugly Ducklings a chance to get 10% off your order until September 1, 2009!!!! Just use the code Sunshine09 and Happy Shopping!

****Updated Discount Code! Autumnblog

Our Fertility Journey, in Detail.

I went on the first, of many, birth control pills May 2003 as I was told I should be on the pill for three months to ensure the upmost accuracy in preventing pregnancy. After many visits, so many different types of birth control pills, and two and a half years later Charles and I decided to call it quits on the darn things! I was one of the unlucky ones and had horrible reactions to the pills. The multi level one made me sick to my stomach all the time. Every kind gave me horrible headaches for the first two days off the hormones I could not function. I had cramps so bad I thought my insides were being ripped out! It was pure misery!!!!

January 9, 2006 was the first day of my freedom! I threw away all the pills! Charles and I had decided that enough was enough and we had been married long enough that if we were given a child, so be it, and if not then so be it. Now we did try other methods...

I found out, the hard way and as I'm stubborn continued to try before just giving up on the misery, I am allergic to latex. Hence why I purchased a diaphram and yet only used it twice since I was in such agony due to the latex. Condoms, latex free only thank you. Those were just a pain... Spermicide again was uncomfortable for me. It just seemed like my body was reacting to everything I tried in an attempt to prevent pregnancy. It was when I was first dx with PCOS in October 2006 that we decided to start actively trying... The journey has been long and hard and bumpy since then!

A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words, right? Well, here you go! Not only a description of my charts but the photo OF my charts as well! :-) Happy viewing!

Cycle 1 - 01/02/06 - CD 1 and Stopped BCP FOR GOOD on 01/09/06. 58 day cycle.

Cycle 2 - 03/01/06 - 30 day cycle.
Cycle 3 - 03/31/06 - 60 day cycle.Cycle 4 - 05/30/06 - 23 day cycle.

Cycle 5 - 06/22/06 - 33 day cycle.
Cycle 6 - 07/25/06 - 69 day cycle. I believe my longest cycle ever...
Cycle 7 - 10/02/06 - 33 day cycle. DX with PCOS via u/s but b/w "inconclusive". First cycle charting BBT. O'd CD 24? Questionable as we were also heading into cold weather but not turning on our heat yet so was indeed my temps affected by the outside temperature? Started PMS Cream and Vitex CD24 until Nov. 19 stopped both.
Cycle 8 - 11/04/06 - 16 day cycle brought on by stopped PMS and Vitex Abruptly. Annovulatory...
Cycle 9 - 11/20/06 - 44 day cycle. O'd CD 36?
Cycle 10 - 01/03/07 - 33 day cycle. Started Damania, Vitex, and Prenatals this cycle. Annovulatory...Cycle 11 - 02/05/07 - 63 day cycle. Second longest cycle ever. Annovulatory.
Cycle 12 - 04/09/07 - 34 day cycle with first clear thermal shift. O'd CD 21.
Cycle 13 - 05/13/07 - 25 day cycle. Annovulatory. Started Ovex-P from holistic Dr. on 05/16.
Cycle 14 - 06/07/07 - 29 day cycle. O'd CD 16. First cycle with ProGest from Holistic Dr.
Cycle 15 - 07/06/07 - 38 day cycle. O'd CD 23. Second cycle on ProGest from Holistic Dr. and Chem Pg.
Cycle 16 - 08/13/07 - 33 day cycle. No ProGest and O'd CD 21 with a BEAUTIFUL chart!
Cycle 17 - 09/15/07 - 39 day cycle. O'd CD 24.
Cycle 18 - 10/24/07 - 37 day cycle. Not temping.
Cycle 19 - 11/30/07 - 31 day cycle. Not Temping. Cycle 20 - 12/31/07 - 45 day cycle. Annovulatory. Progesterone test done 02/07 on CD 39 came back at 0.5 indicates no O. Endometrial lining was 7.9mm and u/s showed still PCO. U/s Showed "Fluid in my cul-de-sac" which did indicate O but Progesterone does not...Cycle 21 - 02/14/08 - 19 day cycle. First cycle using Soy CD 3-7 160mg a day. Maybe O CD 16?
Cycle 22 - 03/04/08 - 26 day cycle. Suspected O CD 18 with two faint BFP while light bleeding on 03/31 and 04/2. First cycle using "Cycle 2" Progesterone from CD 20 until AF.Cycle 23 - 03/30/08 - Started "Cycle 1" Estrogen CD 2 until CD 13 and "Cycle 2" Progesterone from CD 14 until CD 26 and started Provera CD 26 - CD 33... Also started Acu April 4 and from there onwards indicated by "X" on my chart. Awaiting April 18 (CD 20) b/w test results...Fasting Insulin - 3!!!! "Normal" is 17 or below. Ideally and not considered Insulin Resistant is anything below 10!!! Progesterone - .5 Yeah, no O again this cycle... 35 day cycle with suspected O CD 25 (After P test done) and 10 day LP?
Cycle 24 - 05/04/08 - Femara CD 3-7 and CD 3 b/w. FSH- 4.2!! 29 Day long Cycle, O day CD 16 and LP of 13 days!! :-)
Cycle 25 - 06/03/08 On a forced TTC break while DH is in Oklahoma City for schooling for his new job as an ATC!! Yes, he had the occassional home time. 38 day cycle with possible O on CD 27 and LP of 11 days.
Cycle 26- 07/11/08 Still on a TTC break as Dh is still in OKC as he does not have anymore home visits until he is done August 21... Suspected O CD 28 with 13 days LP. And I have NO CLUE why AF is lingering around so freaking long! Have suspisions though...
Cycle 27 - 08/21/08 Dh arrived today! :-) Of course, CD1... From CD 8 onwards, I'm taking Geritol Complete, 800mcg of Folic Acid, Following "The Plan" and taking one Omega-3 and and three Wheat Germ Oil a day. No O and why the cycle was so short, no clue. 21 day cycle.
Cycle 28 - 09/11/08 I am still taking Wheat Germ Oil, Omega-3, Geritol Complete, Folic Acid, and am adding Soy CD 3-7! Dr. visit 09/15 was told that I do not have PCOS based on u/s, previous b/w, and "symptoms" non-existant! O'd CD 15 with 14 day LP! NO Spotting! On Procheive (Progesterone) Supposities as well this cycle.
Cycle 29 - 10/10/08 - I am still taking Wheat Germ Oil, Omega-3, Geritol Complete, Folic Acid, and Soy CD 3 & 7 (240mg) and CD 4-6 (160mg). Progesterone test 11/04/08 - 0.6 No ovulation. Go figure. Ovulate AFTER the P test done. Shorter LP due to stopping Progesterone supplements early to induce AF. (bad, I know.) 38 day cycle with O on CD 27.
Cycle 30 - 11/17/08 - I am still taking Wheat Germ Oil, Omega-3, Geritol Complete, Folic Acid, and am starting my first Clomid cycle! CD 4 u/s to check ovaries from OHSS last cycle thanks to the upped Soy dosage. Clomid CD 4&5. Annovulatory. Progesterone to bring on AF. 37 day cycle. No longer TTC due to life circumstances.
Cycle 31 - 12/24/08 - Not Charting. On a TTC break for now. 40 day cycle.
Cycle 32 - 02/02/09 - Not Charting. On a TTC break for now. 23 day cycle.
Cycle 33 - 02/25/09 - TTC! First RE appt 03/03/09. Estrodoil 03/09/09- 205 HSG- 03/10/09 - ALL Clear! One follicule, left side, 1.90X2.44 Progesterone supplements from CD 18-AF arrival on CD 25. Progesterone test on 03/18- 13.1 Cycle was 25 days long
Cycle 34 - 03/22/09 - 04/02/09 - Estrodail test - 32 & Post Coitol test came back inconclusive. Bad CD timing. Only a few spermies so hostile CM, low sperm count, or another factor? Start Follistim 100 unites April 6. April 9- u/s revealed one dominant folly on left ovary measuring 11mm. Upped Follistim to 125 for four days. Estrodoil 04/13 - "Well over 1,000!" Trigger on 04/13 with TWO dominant follicules. One on each ovary. Several smaller ones that probably won't catch up. First IUI on 04/15 at 10:30am! Progesterone Supplements started 200mg 2X a day on 04/18. Progesterone test done on 04/21 with results being 38.7! 37 day cycle
Cycle 35 - 04/28/09 - u/s revealed on 05/04/09 one HUGE cyst and seven smaller ones. Sitting out this cycle... 54 Day cycle that ended only with Provera taken 5 days prior to.

Cycle 36 - 06/21/09 - Third Soy Cycle 160mg CD 4-8. B/W Panel for everything under the sun on CD 4. Visit new Dr. S on 07/20/09 and via u/s found a suspected Polyp. Hystercopy scheduled for 08/13/09 along with a D&C.

Collection done on 06/24/09 -

  • TSH - 5.780 {High - Reference is 0.450-4.500}
  • T4 - 6.5 {Normal}
  • T3 - 74 {Low - Reference is 85-205}
  • Estrdoil - 39 {Normal}
  • FSH - 3.7 {Normal}
  • PTT - 29 {Normal}
  • Protein S - Total/117 & Free/104 {Normal}
  • Natural Killer Cells - 275 {Normal}
  • Lupus Profile - Negative
  • Factor V - 106 {Normal}
  • Protein C - 89 {Normal}
  • ANA - Negative
  • MTHFR - C667T Hetero

Collection done on 07/10/09 -

  • Progesterone - 0.6 {Normal}
  • Folate - 33.4 {Normal}
  • Free T3 - 2.80 {Normal - Reference range 2.30-4.20}
  • Free T4 - 0.79 {Normal - Reference range is 0.58-1.64}
  • Thyroglobulin - Normal
  • Throperoxidas Antibodies - Normal
  • Thyrotropin Recpter - Normal
  • TSH - 3.02 {Normal - Reference range 0.34-5.60}
  • Vitamin D OH - 30 {Normal - Reference range 30-200}
  • Vitamin D 125 ohd - 55 {Normal - Reference range 18-78}
  • Vitamin B12 - 454 {Normal - Reference range 180-999
  • Homocysteine - 14 {Elevated - Reference range <13>

Thyroid Ultrasound on 07/11/09 - Normal

Dr. Simkes first Visit on 07/20/09 -

  • Testosterone - 66.8 {Told Normal}
  • TSH - 3.80 {Normal by Reference Range but Dr. S wants it 0.4!}
  • hCG Beta - Negative
  • Found Polyp and scheduled Hystercopy and D&C for 08/13/09

Started Baby Aspirin once a day on 07/21/09 and started Armour Thyroid Meds on 07/22/09 and Folplex 2.2mg twice a day on 07/25/09. AF arrived on it's own. 40 day cycle without ANY spotting!

Cycle 37 - 07/31/09 - First full cycle on Baby Aspirin, Folplex, and Armour Thyroid Medicine. Follow up Dr. visit on 07/10/09 and Hystercopy and D&C scheduled for 07/13/09...

Our Family!

So you want to know a bit more about Our family huh? Well, it's so basic it's complicated.

Before meeting Charles I was as they call, BOY CRAZY! I was a typical teenage girl. I had the flames of the day, week, month, and year. I had fun. My hobby included flirting. I worked so many hours it wasn't even funny at a local Country Club and often until the wee hours of the morning as a Senior in high school. I absolutely loved my life. Even thru the hardest time in my life when my parents divorced, I tried to find joy in my life.

Charles had moved from Albq., New Mexico to Newnan, Georgia only shortly before we met. In New Mexico, he was attending college and apart of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

Charles and I met, online originally if you must know but face-to-face January 2002. I was a Senior in High School and he was in College. By February 2002 we were 'exclusively dating'. Sometime between January and May 2002, we went with my dad and two younger brothers to Orlando, Florida. It was here that Charles gave me a "Promise ring". It was a pearl in white gold that was 'hatched' from the Oyster we choose. Just as our love has 'hatched' from all the rough and tough times we've had and been thru together.

He Attended Prom with me my Senior Year, May 2002.

June 2002 Charles Sister got married. Both sides of the family (Hers and His) headed down to Panama City Beach, Florida to spend a few days after the wedding.

We were engaged December 21, 2002. Charles took me to Downtown Newnan, Georgia to walk around the square and see all the beautiful Christmas decorations. When we got to the BIG Christmas Tree, he got down on one knee and popped the question. I, of course, said YES! It was so magical... So beautiful... So, just, perfect. I immediately called my mom of course and later found out that Charles had actually asked my dad for my hand in marriage. How wonderful is that!!!! :-)

Our original Wedding Date was set for 06/05/04. Can you see why? :-) I just thought it would be a cool date. Then we moved it up and after spending only a couple short weeks trying to plan a wedding, attend college full time, and work full time I was so stressed out. Charles, who was not working at that time, asked me if I trusted him. I said yes. He then asked for me to let him do all the wedding planning and off it went.

Our new wedding date became August 30, 2003 as it was Labor Day Weekend and Charles was starting a new job that Tuesday. So needless to say not only was a short weekend but we were unable to get a realy honeymoon as we had to come back two days later and start real life together.

We ended up getting married in Destin, Florida ON the beach. We invited only our immediate family and a couple friends as we had to limit guests to 20 people! Do you know how hard that is with my family being HUGE???? haha! That is the only thing I would change about our wedding day... I would have wanted more of our family and friends there to celebrate with us.

The weather starting out the day was horrible. Storms GALORE! As you can see, the red warning flag is out... On top of that, Charles is actually calling to see where I am! haha! Yes, I was late even for my own wedding!!!!!! And it's a necessity that I be late for my own funeral as, well, that's just me! :-)

Our family was Charles and Myself. We were learning the ropes of not only marriage but what it is like to live with a stranger! The only people we had ever lived with was family... Our first house was a one bedroom apartment that was about 800 square feet. IT WAS TINY!!!!! It was ours though.

In September 2002 I insisted that we get a dog. We had both grown up with dogs so it only seemed right that we got one for ourselves. Our first dog. We had never 'picked' a dog before so I just started looking at the Human Society and visiting the local Animal Control. It was here that I found and fell in love with our sweet dog, Jack. I knew nothing about the breed Jack Russell Terriers. Initially, he was calm. He was sweet. He didn't jump. He was the perfect dog. Then we got him home! haha!

We found out that he was house broken! YEAH! When we went to have him spayed we found out he had an impacted testicle so he was already proving to be more expensive! Within a few days of having him, he was throwing up blood and diarrhea like crazy and so we locked him in our ONE bathroom. You couldn't even walk in there it was covered! After an expensive vet visit we were told he had a "dietary indiscretion". Yep. He had eaten something, probably a fog, that his tummy couldn't handel. Unfortunately, Jack has yet to prove to be a cheap vet bill dog... It's ALWAYS something expensive on his behalf!

Here he chewed a hole in our bifold doors that closed off the hallway in our apartment. He chewed numerous holes in my sweaters, the comforter set we were given as a wedding gift. He chewed more trim. He ate more clothing and of course, all mine. We were at our last straw with this darn dog when Charles' parents suggested crate training him.

*Hear angels singing??*

Yes. We not only purchased the crate and water bowl and a DVD to show us how to crate train him, but also a nifty and mighty comfy pillow thingy for him to lay on while we were gone. When we got the crate home and prepared to do the whole training thing, from the moment we opened the door of the crate Jack was in it and at home. We never again had any problems with his chewing anything up. He LOVES his crate. It is his 'safe place'.

After having Jack for a couple years, I decided I wanted another dog. Not only was it becuase Jack was obviously a man's dog and would follow Charles around the house but this time I wanted a BIG dog. I missed having that guard dog feeling as I always had while growing up with large protection dogs.

September 2005, I was introduced to Jill via a friend who found FREE Puppies in the newspaper who were born in May 2005! When we got there, we learned that she was the product of a Full Blooded Black Lab as her father and Full Blooded American Bulldog as her mother. She was a skiddish thing and loved hiding under the deck. Boy she was also a big one... My friend Daryl and I went to go look at her as Charles was working. After talking with him he said to go ahead and get her if I wanted too... I did. She was then named Jill as you cannot have a Jack without a Jill. :-)
We drove by Charles' place of employment then to show her off. One of his co-workers wanted a dog for his children so he went to get a sibling from the same people. Jill has turned out to be a wonderful dog but not after a couple years of serious regrets! She took FOREVER to potty train. As in, about 9 months. She just was not having any part of it! She is still skiddish around people she does not know but is exactly what I wanted, MY DOG! She follows me around the house. Lays right next to my feet. Finds comfort in my presence. She is, my dog.

After moving every year for three years, we purchased our first house! In November 2005, just before Thanksgiving, we moved into our first house. A three bedroom, two bathroom ranch house with a circular driveway on almost a full acre lot in Sharpsburg, Georgia. We loved it. It was a bank owned house and we got a really good deal on it! It needed some serious cleaning and painting but all cosmetic work.

In May 2008 we sold our house after it had been on the market for six months. We moved in with my dad and Jodi and the end of May 2008, Charles was off to Oklahoma City, OK for the Federal Aviation Administration Training Facility for his new position as an Air Traffic Controller. Next stop? St. Louis, Missouri!
July 1, 2008 my youngest Brother Daniel and I packed up the SUV with the dogs and a U-Haul trailer and drove to Missouri for the first time. We were going to my new house. This was a first of many. And certainly not the last of many. It is here, in Missouri where we are learning to truly live as a Family Unit of Two. We are alone. Him and I. No family to call for help. Holidays have been spent, alone. Him and I. As we are gearing up to our Sixth Year of Marriage together, it keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Him and I. The two who are a Family, finding each other while trying to grow our family...